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Can Small Businesses Qualify for Tax Relief?

As a small business owner, there are recent changes to the income tax code that may benefit you, if you can maneuver your way through the red tape. The professionals at Top Tax Defenders can help discern which changes can bring much needed tax relief to a business. Many small businesses are so fearful of running afoul of the IRS that they prefer to play it safe and as a consequence miss taking advantage of available tax relief.

While getting into trouble with the IRS is easy, there is no need to avoid getting a deserved reduction in taxes because of fear. Top Tax Defenders can untangle the U.S. tax code and insure you pay only the required taxes. They are accustomed to dealing with government agencies. They know the ins and outs of not only the tax code but also of the whole tax related bureaucracy.

Sometimes a small business owner will not take advantage of a new beneficial portion of the tax code because of unresolved past issues with the IRS. Top Tax Defenders are equipped to help resolve such issues. Allow the professionals here to help in bringing about a resolution and allowing your company to move forward with a clean slate.

Can a small business qualify for tax relief? Yes, but only if they understand what is available and take advantage of changes in the law made for their benefit. The answer to finding the deserved relief is to let Top Tax Defenders be your guide.

IRS Tax Debt Relief - Perfect Tax Relief

For many struggling with debt, tax obligations become overwhelming. The IRS has 10 years to collect taxes that are owed by a tax payer. The IRS can charge a 5% interest rate for each month that the taxes are due, for a maximum of 25%. The IRS can also garnish wages and seize assets. They will also send threatening phone calls and notices that won't stop until the tax obligation is paid.

The best way to get a good outcome out of an IRS tax situation is to act quickly. There are some circumstances where IRS tax relief is possible, especially for low-income citizens.

When a levy has been placed on a tax payer's account, it is possible for the tax levy to be removed and for the tax payer to make payments in regular installments.

Under the situation of a tax lien, it is also possible to have the lien removed if the IRS has not followed the proper procedures. A tax relief attorney can identify IRS mistakes that can lead to the removal of a tax lien.

Tax relief organizations such as Top Tax Defenders have expert attorneys who will take the time to learn about the complexity of the tax situation. They will then negotiate with the IRS to get tax payers the best possible outcome. Working with the government can also take months. One of the best ways to speed up the process is to work with Federal Demonstration Partnership.